Casino Slots

Online Casino Slots

The exact birth of casino games is still not very clear, but when one looks back into the history, casino, or in other terms a place where various types of gambling activities take place was always popular.

What are Online Casino Slots?

The concept of online slot games remains the same irrespective of its transfer from the lavish floor based establishments to the world of internet. While in the real environment you get to pull the lever of the slot machine, in case of the online slot games you need to use your mouse to pull the lever virtually. However, the process of casting your turn might vary from game to game.

Why Play Casino Slots?

Online Casino Slots are of course played online using the internet and it allows players to gamble using greater dynamics and with a faster pace of play. The reason why online casino games are fast paced is that there is no interaction with players for slowing down the game. The web-based casinos also allow the option of selecting from hundreds of different games with superior quality of graphics and lifelike animations, this is probably the main reason why many play casino slots online

How to play Casino Slots?

Amongst all other games Casino slots are undoubtedly the top choice for most of the gamblers including the beginners. This is not only because the method of gambling is easy, but also for several other factors. It is known that in the modern days about 70% of the revenues of casinos come from slot machines. Here is a basic explanation of how casino slots are played.

Step 1: You need to push a button for hinting the number of pay lines that you are willing to activate. This is followed by pushing another button for indicating the number of credits per line.

A common configuration typically has nine pay lines where you can bet 1 – 5 credits. Additionally, video slots are also available with pay lines of 5, 15, 20, 25 and even 50, that accepts nearly 25 coins per line.

Step 2: So once you push the button and proceed with your spin, the symbol that stops on the payout line determines whether the players win or lose. The number of payout lines varies from game to game, while in some games it might have five payout lines, in some others, it might have three payout lines. A common set of lines might contain bars, double bars, triple bars, sevens, and even cherries.

Rules for Payouts

On the output line, a single cherry indicates of paying back two coins, which means the player might be getting 10 coins for any three of any of the bars including the mixture of bars, double bars, and triple bars. Simultaneously, one can earn 30 coins for three single bars, 60 coins for three double bars and 120 coins for three triple bars, in case of three sevens, there is a jackpot.

In many stops on each of the reels you can come across blanks and even combination of symbols with blanks. In such cases, it pays nothing.

What are Slot Bonuses?

Video slots usually comprise of feature bonus rounds and even scatter pays. Scatter pays occur when designated symbols appear on the screen if two, three or even more comes up, it does not matter if they are not on the same pay line.

Bonus slots rounds are another feature of slots. These rounds can be activated in various ways and have different rules. Usually, these bonuses offer a number of free spins, or players can also be presented with a “second screen” bonus. Often, online casinos offer welcome bonuses to newcomers after they make their first deposit. These bonuses work as additional credits at many online casinos where players are not even required to make the first deposit.

Loyal players in online casinos enjoy the privilege of earning reward points each time they bet their money. These points can later be converted to cash or even free casino credits.

The last step of the game

Once you hit the winning combination, your winnings will be added in the credit meter. If you want to collect the number of coins indicated in the meter, you can hit the cash out button. Following this step, your money should be transferred to your desired bank account.

Little more about online Deposits and withdrawals

One main trait all the online gambling operators follow is to ensure the safe transaction of money to and from their accounts, in a quick and efficient manner. This allows players to find the most comfortable payment solutions including the modern digital wallets and virtual cards. There are no additional fees involved and the money you have earned is generally processed immediately.

Crucial Points to Choose Online Slot Sites

  • Mobile Compatibilities

The modern generation is more versed with smartphones and other advanced gadgets and prefer games that have mobile compatibility, it is important to choose a site that is well accessible with your mobile so that you can operate it from anywhere.

  • Game Library and bonuses

As a gambler, you should be aware of the different types of slots so that you can choose the best slots from the game library. In addition to that, you should also look for sites that offer the best bonus points.

  • Payment options

You should always choose the slot games that play the best interest rates with multiple payment options.

  • Licensing

Reputed online casinos are always registered and licensed by independent or government authorities. Before your register, you go through the terms and conditions well.

Wagering requirements

Here is one final term that you should know in online casinos. A wagering contribution or requirement refers to a multiplier that shows the number of times you need to play through a bonus before you are allowed to withdraw your winnings.

In modern times, online casinos have developed into lucrative enterprises, for the casino and the players. Of course, as a player, you simply need to know how to find and play the right slot games. That is all you need to make your hobby a fruitful venture.