Casino Games

While a casino may seem like a relatively modern concept, in reality gambling goes back several hundred years. In fact, gambling can be seen in nearly every culture in some form or the other. In fact, games like poker and blackjack have their foundation steeped in history.

History of Casino Games

While today most of people stick to online casino games for their daily dose of gambling, many often wonder about the origin of the same.

Let’s Begin

The Foundation of the Gaming House

Casino is an Italian word that means “little house”, in short, it stands for a small cupola placed within a large estate. This little portion of the house was used for parties, gatherings, socializing, taking chances at games and dancing. As time went by the idea of using this small home for games became dominant.

Now, as research suggests, the first casino was set up in 1861 in Monaco which is still a leading gambling house today. Later, by the 1960s this trend spread to the UK and British inhabitants traveled all across Europe to enjoy casinos.

However, it took considerable amount of time to legalize casino in the United Sates, although the game of chances was prevalent among the US citizens since the 1600s. Later, in 1931, the US gambling was first legalized in the state of Nevada. This led to the creation of Las Vegas AKA the modern city of gambling. One of the leading casinos of US today is the Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut that is reported to have more than 350 gaming tables along with 6,000 slot machines.

Insight into the History of Casino Games

History traces back to numerous card and casino games that have long been forgotten. Yet, some are popular and played even today. In fact, games like baccarat, and others are prevalent even today.

In fact, with the advanced technology, games like carp, roulette etc. are available online today, which millions enjoyed for centuries. So, let’s dig into their history a bit.

  1. Blackjack and Poker

One of the most popular casino games enjoyed even today is Blackjack! But, the origin of this game traces back to 18th century France. But, it’s exact source is hard to decipher as there were hundreds of casino games played throughout the year. However, back then a French game named “One and Thirty in Spain and Chemin de Fer”, almost had the same rules as of Blackjack. One had to get a number closer to a specified number to win the game. In modern times, it is one of the most popular casino games and is similar to Trente et Un. In this game one has to get a number closer to 31 (Trente et Un) for winning money.

A game similar to Blackjack is again poker. However, poker saw its traces in Persia and was played in the alibi of “As Nas”. The game would require one to match the combination of participant’s cards available to win a round.

  1. Roulette

Roulette is another of those popular table games that trace its origins back to the 18th century. This game was also founded in the French gambling homes many years back and it interprets into “little wheel”. However, the first account of this game was written in 1769 and involved a wheel with symbols, ‘0’ and ‘00’. This double zero symbol gave the casino house an extra advantage and prevented participants from winning in most cases. This was, hence, adapted by the American roulette homes.

As a result, people today prefer to opt for European roulette to ensure the tables are fair!

  1. Baccarat

People might not recall Baccarat as much as roulette or blackjack, but in these in actuality date back to the 15th century. Baccarat, moreover, means “zero” in Italian as in this game, face cards and 10s’s have zero value. While this too was famously played by the French aristocrats, it took ages before baccarat gained fame in Europe.

Today this is inherently popular among specialty games players and slot gamers; the low house edges and face paced action involved in this game makes it majorly widespread among online casino gamblers.

Dice Game Becomes a Part of Contemporary Casinos

Even before card games, dice games were prevalent. Originally dice was used for fortune prediction by the ancient Egyptians. Later, this became a form of entertainment and “bone-rolling” became a part of gambling.

However, the first dice game was properly introduced in Korea, and then spread all across the continent. Today, dice games like craps are played widely across offline and online casinos.

Nonetheless, even though the craps table can intimidate newcomers with its multifaceted betting options, it is one of the safest value or specialty games in a casino. If done carefully players can win a good amount simply by investing skills.

Introduction of Slot Machines

As the popularity of casino games grew over the year, the gamblers introduced the slot machine. The first slot machine was in fact, introduced in California at Charles Fey in the 1800’s. Once gamblers got a taste of this, slot machines started cropping up with new and innovative slot games all across the world.

These machines further, revolutionized the thrill of each game, as gamblers felt immense thrill as they tested their luck with each lucky spin.

The Start of the Internet Casino

One of the latest developments in the history of casino is online casinos. With the widespread development and recognition of computers, today various forms of casino games have cropped up. Moreover, people have to wait in line to play their slot games online.

What’s more? In offline casinos, only the elite and exclusive gamblers are allowed access to games like baccarat. However, even high profile games like baccarat are also available to online players with minimum betting amount on the house.

With the development of random number generators and the Internet, online casino gaming came into existence in the 1990s. Since then, the online casino business has taken off and now offers a variety of games including traditional ones and even video poker. Currently, it is speculated that there are several thousand online casinos that offer real money and nice casino bonuses.