Casino Bonuses

Beginners who just started visiting online casinos might encounter casino bonus, free spins and packages. For example, you might face offers like, ‘Leading no-deposit bonus!’, ‘400% deposit bonus!’ or ‘200% welcome bonus’.

Getting Started with Casino Bonuses

Now, this can be a tad overpowering and leave one flabbergasted especially if the player has not much clue about what these casino bonuses are! Moreover, if not done carefully a gambler will not be using these to his/her best potential. This is why it is vital that one understands every detail there is about these casino bonuses. First we have explained you the top uk casino sites now casino bonuses.

What Casino Bonus is and Understanding Wager Requirements 

As soon as one sees the bonus word one thinks of potential incentive and that is true to some extent. In laymen’s term what casino bonuses stand for are various types of bonus money that a gambler achieves after he sings up. This can be mainly of two types

  • Welcome Bonus
  • Sign-Up Bonus

So once one deposits money the selected UK casino will award them with 25% or 100% to add to the finance. However, keep in mind is that this isn’t as easy as it looks. Casinos are out to make money to so, obviously there is a catch.

One is not allowed to withdraw the bonus money until they are done making a certified amount of bets. This minimum betting is coined under wager requirement, also known as Play Through or Terms and Conditions.

Understanding Wager Requirements

This wager requirement was created to ensure that casinos do not end up losing money in case a member suddenly quits. Let’s assume this, in case most smart gamblers opted for quitting up ahead, for example, receiving a Four of a Kind early in Video Poker, the selected house would lose money.

A wager requirement helps ensure the safety of the house; however, each casino has a different set of requirements and undoubtedly this would affect your gambling strategy. So, carefully read the terms and conditions and understand wager requirements so that the tables do not turn on you.

What is a Casino Bonus Code?

As mentioned above, pretty much each reliable casino you come across online will offer a casino bonus code to win over customers and entice you to join them. However, you need to carefully assess to pick ones that will satisfy your gaming requirements. Mostly, you’ll want to check casino bonus categories available in the UK or elsewhere and ensure to avoid heavy wagering requirements.

To know, which to pick it is, however, best to learn a bit about the types of casino bonus codes.


  1. The most common type of casino bonus is a match bonus and is something like‘100% first deposit bonuses. You make an amount deposit, which falls within the maximum and minimum limits and your selected casino counterparts that deposit with extra funds.
  2. The second option is free spins casino bonus, which offers a set of free to spins utilize on a range of different games. Free spins are excellent way to earn money and add to your finance once you satisfy the wagering needs.
  3. The third involves welcome bonuses, which a gambler can utilize to win free spins or deposit based cash.

What are advantages of using Casino Bonus Code?

Depending on the casino of your choice, you will get welcome bonuses or sign up bonus, the next task is to use these casino bonus codes to your benefit. Additionally, there are several advantages of using casino bonus codes:

Both the casinos and its players can profit from casino bonus codes. In case, of the casino these codes are an inordinate advertising method to entice new gamblers and keep customers onboard. The main advantages of casino codes however, go to the new participant; this player is frequently qualified to attract few of the paramount bonus codes wherever on the internet. He/she can also get bonus point if they refer new customers. The basic theme, nonetheless, is that new gamblers can utilize these extras for investing in a brand new casino without spending a token of their own finance.

Casino codes are a therefore a crucial part of the virtual gambling industry. Without them, competition among other internet casinos would be very less and this might lead to cutting down player selection.

How to Choose the Best Casino Bonuses?

Due to the heightened competition of online casinos numerous UK casinos today offer substantially large number of welcome bonuses. However, there are often catches involved, that is why it is best to pay attention before claiming bonuses and pick the best ones the right way.

  1. Validity Period

Assuming one has $1000 bonus, but only 24 hours to convert it over 50 times! That is insane and unlikely possible. Therefore, instead of getting carried away pick a deal, which will allow you time to turn your bonus.

  1. Amount

As per your wagering requirement and gambling skills opt for an amount that will profit you and will help you in converting cash. For example, go for $200 instead of $100.

  1. Percentage

Casinos welcome you to link to their website and will offer you a match of for your first deposit called a welcome bonus. Now, most casinos offer a 100% match but things aren’t as simple as they look. If one assumes that getting $200 for their $200 is good, consider receiving $200 for every $100 that comes with a 200% match?

  1. Games

Prior to registering at a casino, ensure that the games you are good at are encompassed within the bonus, and make sure these come with good wagering requirements. For example, in case you are good at slots, you’ll not face any issues because these are present in abundance and usually come with 100% involvement.

However, note that in case of other games like baccarat, roulette, blackjack, you do not get 100% wagering contribution.

On this note the age old adage ‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’ stands true for casinos. So, use the extras to your advantage by picking the right casino bonus to enjoy considerable profit. In short, remember better to see $100 dollar cash that to have a $1000 that never converts.